Oklahoma Prophecies

2016 (May 5)  Patricia King:
“I desire to ignite my people in Oklahoma afresh with the spirit of revival. There are those who will arise in that state to raise the banner of My name and glory high. The word they preach will be accompanied by miracles, signs, and wonders.  There is a powerful remnant of intercessors in that state who have been faithful to stand in agreement with My purposes over the years and as a result I will break through a threshold of religious resistance and bring forth a “new breed” who will arise in power and authority as never before. A new wine skin is being formed and new wine will be poured out.  There will also be favor on films and print media produced in this state. It is a new hour — a remnant will arise.”

2016 (Mar) Michael Fickess:
“It describes what I saw over the region of Oklahoma you (Patrick & Susan O’Marra) are in and what the Father is saying for them.  A poem for you:

Come up here, above the clutter.
Above and beyond where the wicked mutter.

Come up here, above the fray
Come inside my heart and stay

Godless words and curses are bound
Where limitless life and love is found

For the fallen ones cannot approach my heart
I have banished their words and the flaming dart

Seek me, find me, enter my rest
I want to soothe you and show you my best

Enter into the golden door
For that is what my Son died for

Here is limitless peace, abounding love
And revelation thoughts pouring out from above

My thoughts and my feelings are turned towards you
Search them out now, for I want you to

When you do this, I’ll give you a mind of gold
Treasures of darkness and riches untold

A story of hope that can silence the storm
And a love that abides and keeps everyone warm

My angels are stationed, awaiting your word
They’ll march when your faintest whisper is heard

They’ll march on the land and part the waters
To make way to birth new sons and daughters

My army is rising, with the glory of dawn
Now, come up here and sit where you belong.

2015 (Oct 31)  Randy DeMain:
For the Lord would say to Oklahoma tonight, even to this place, that no more shall you know barrenness, but I shall cause you to become a fruitful plain.  Bearing those fruits and bearing those buds.  Bearing those beautiful things.  And because of the Bride that’s within you, I’m going to remove your spot and I’m going to remove your stain.  I’m going to restore the years of blight and the years of brokenness.  I’m going to restore to this land a joy that is not from man, but a joy that is from the Lord.  It’s from My hand.

For God says I’m coming in the midst of you, Oklahoma.  I’m coming to stand on your land.  I’m coming to declare and call unto Myself the redemption of the soul of every man.  I’m calling out, says the Lord.  And if you will hear My voice and respond to the power of My love, that I shall cause Oklahoma to rise high.  Far above all others who will not know Me or refuse My name.  Those who will do without Me and those who will live in their shame.

But hear Me well, Oklahoma, for your time has come.  For the call has come.  For My dwelling has been awakened in the midst of this land.  For I see the fire in the pillars, and I see the smoke coming up from the flames.  I see the altars of incense that have been built here, that have been summoning My Presence and calling upon My name.

And God says, because of these things, I shall no longer withhold My hand nor shall I remain aloof and far away when you say, “Where are you, O God, in this land?”  Because of the fragrance.  Because of the call.  Because of My Bride that’s in this place.  I’m coming to you, Oklahoma.  I’m coming to take My rightful place.  I’m coming to dwell with you.  I’m coming to release the promises that you’ve been waiting for.  Those you have sought after.  Those that have long been known but have not come to bear.  They have not come to be seen.  Those promises are yes and amen in My Son, Jesus, and I shall bring them.  I shall bring them, and they shall be seen.

For I have sent into this place.  For even in this heavenly realm there is stationed an angel of righteousness and a glorious harvesting troop.  And they are ready to work with you if you will call upon them and declare My Word.  They will come powerfully and mightily.  And they will cause in your midst the

sound of laughter and the sound of joy, the sound of rejoicing.  They will restore to the land once again the flowing of the streams.

Watch even the birds of the air, says the Lord.  Watch them change.  Listen to them sing.  For they know the sound of My coming and they know its going to be in the spring.  So you watch, says the Lord, and get ready for Me.  For My love is coming.  My power is coming.  My salvation is coming.  All that I am is coming of Me.

Fill up your lamps.  Fill up your lamps.  Kindle the flames.  Pull back the shades and set the table, says the Lord.  I’m coming to dine.  I’m coming to feast.  I’m coming to dwell in the midst of My people.  I’m coming to dwell and to raise up My Bride.  I’m coming to leave a fragrance on the door handle where she abides.  I’m coming to woo her and call her unto Myself that she’ll be prepared and ready.  Don’t hold back your passion any longer, says the Lord, but let it run free.  Sing it and say it.  Declare it to one another.  Declare your passion for Me.  For I’m coming to restore.  I’m coming to redeem.

And yes, you shall hear Me when over this land I sing. Singing songs of deliverance and songs of joy.  Songs that have been in My heart waiting to be released over you.  Can you hear them? Can you hear the sound?  Can you hear the melody?  Can you hear My voice?  Can you feel My love?  Do you know My heart?  For these things I’m coming to bring.  I’m coming to reveal.  I’m coming to sing, to sing over you, My Bride.  To sing over you, My Brother.  To sing over this land.  To raise up a generation.  A generation that will restore the land.

That’s My heart, you see, says the Lord.  And that’s My desire.  So return to Me with all your heart and kindle a passion and kindle the fire.  Let the incense come up and let your voice be heard.  And be set apart unto Me, says the Lord.  For I’m coming to be heard.

2013 (June 15)  Bobby Conner:
God is about to shake the fragmented church together. This is the new thing:
Ezek 37:7 So I prophesied as I was commanded; and as I prophesied, there was a [thundering] noise and behold, a shaking and trembling and a rattling, and the bones came together, bone to its bone.  Shifting from the word ‘unity’ to ‘alliance’.  We will never be in ‘unity’ as we think (believing everything the same). But we will come together under the Lord Jesus Christ in an alliance. There will be an alliance of churches.

2008 (May)  Randy DeMain:
I heard in the ground “Lord, take not Your Holy Spirit from me.”…I heard the heart of the pastors, this is what you’re saying here, “Lord, unless You come and move, I’m not willing to go any further unless Your Presence goes with me.”…
For Oklahoma – the old wine is running out. It’s running out. It’s not satisfying, number one. But number two, it’s just running out. The supply is running out. The source has been well used and is running out of capacity. It’s running out. And new wine is emerging. But this is the deal, you need a new wineskin for new wine. Because of that, there’s a little bit of skin tension. You feeling me? There’s some skin tension. That’s part of the issue here. There’s some skin tension. And there’s some new wine that’s looking for a new wineskin that will be good for everybody. But if the new wineskin’s coming, I believe that we need to be prepared for it.

Now this is how the Lord showed me this. In John chapter 2 He showed me the six water pots. I said, “Lord, what are the six water pots?” He said that six years of developing the new wineskin; on the seventh year my people will be ready for the new wine. So I’m prophesying to you tonight that you have entered into a process of taking the purifying pots and they have begun to purify and there will be a, either a sixth denomination or a sixth movement or in some way a six, multiple of six purification process up to six years which in the seventh year will release this region into the new wine. God’s doing that because He loves us and because He wants a structure and a people that He can move in and reveal His glory through.