Spirit of Life Prophecies

2015 (Oct 30)  Randy DeMain:
Since I first walked in here, the Lord has told me that there is going to be a contingency of Native Americans here that are going to come in and be among you because you’re going to give them the ability to be restored of their dignity and of their calling. But also, they carry an authority, an authority in the land and an authority in the realm of the spirit that we need to learn from.  And so they’re coming.

It’s a very strong Native American population.  First Nations folk.  And they’re going to come alongside because you give them room and accountability and a covering.  And not be, like you know, sticking them in the back room someplace.

Ok.  So that will be good.  I’ve heard that since I’ve got here.

By the way.  Guess what you get?  You get First Nations Angels.

Now that’s important because they were here before all this other stuff was here.  Are you with me?  Yea, they are the ruling principalities, holy principalities of God, over this region who have been disfranchised of their power because we’ve disfranchised those who speak and control their power.  When the restoration comes to them, the restoration of the principality over America, over the Native American, First Nation people will begin to throw down usurping dominions and powers.  I’m telling you, it’s going to be whack job in the heavens that we’ll all benefit in the earth.

2015 (Oct 30)  Randy DeMain:
The Lord told me: He was going to put a ladder in this place. A ladder between heaven and earth.

As I came in tonight, I was watching the angels ascending and descending. It’s not only a ladder for this place and this city, but it’s an individual ladder. I realize there’s an angelic move tonight. There’s a dispatching of angels. Tonight is going to be all about the angels and angelic activity. It’s going to be about the wonder of God, who would give His angels charge over us to keep us in all our ways.

Have you ever thought God didn’t create angels just to be around His throne? But He created angels to keep us in all our ways. How good is a God Who would create an angel, a superior, supernatural being to keep us in all our ways. You know, the angels are going to be more common and real to us in the coming days than the person sitting next to you. It’s going to be like Peter knocking on the door. They go, “oh, that’s not Peter, that’s just his angel.”

2015 (Oct 11)  Ryan LeStrange (over Debbie):
Spirit of Life.  Spirit of Life.  Yes, I see a foundation built a number of years ago and there is gold all in that foundation.  There’s the glory of God.  I see hunger you have for moving out, but you don’t want to just be a typical church.  You want to be a base.  You want to be a center.  You want to be an apostolic base that moves and shakes.  And I see beams of light going out from your base.  Each beam representing a different dimension of Holy Spirit going forth and going out.

And the Lord says, you’ve been unafraid to move and advance, but because you’ve been unafraid to move and advance, the spirits of restriction have continually tried to restrict you.  And you say, ‘What am I doing wrong?’  And Jesus says, ‘You’re not doing it wrong.  You’re doing it right.’  These restrictive spirits have come to plunder the apostolic exploits that are written upon your life.  Lord, I break these things right now in Jesus’ name.

The miracles of Jesus. I say prophecy, woman of God.  Speak from the realm of the glory of God.  And take your post and let no demon spirit push you back.  It is not the time to be pushed back.  It is the time to advance, advance, advance, advance, advance!  Spirit of Life, advance!  In the authority of Jesus’ name.

…The Lord says don’t be afraid to try those out of the box things.  There are some out of the box things that you have not seen others even do.  And you’re saying, ‘Lord, I don’t know how to do this.’  And the Lord says, “You just step into it by faith.  And you’re going to begin to do what you don’t know how to do.”   I just thank you, Lord, Spirit of Life is going to be an evolutionary place in the spirit, moving and advancing.  I just see that so strong.  Moving and advancing.  An advancing force coming out of there.  In the name of Jesus.  And we say, “Yes, Holy Ghost.”

2015 (May 2) Rebecca Macchi:
And the Lord would say tonight that this place He has raised it up to shine, to shine upon this city with His glory. He has raised it up to be a place of His worship and a place of His glory. For many, many will come and He will lift up many, many leaders out of this place. For this is a birthing place of leadership. This is a birthing place of leadership. This is a birthing place of the five-fold ministry. Do not be intimidated, but go forth with boldness, go forth with power, go forth with My anointing, says the Lord. For I will be with you and I will visit this place with My glory. If you hearken unto me and be worshipers of Me, I will bring from the north, the south, the east and the west and this place will not be contained. For it will explode and there will be television and there will be radio and there will be many ministers that will lift up this place. Not one but many, says the Lord. Not one pastor, but many pastors. Not one apostle, but there will be many birthed from this place. For I desire to do a new thing among you, says the Lord. I desire to bring a new thing among you. Hallelujah.

Within five months, if you will seek My face, in five months I will bring an explosion to this place where you will see even the dead rise and you will see miracles and people slain outside in the sidewalks and all over this place. If you hearken unto My voice. Hallelujah. Thank You, Father. Thank You, Jesus. We worship You.

And from this place you will join many others and I will cause a revolution to start. I see a circle of fire, and a revolution started of My glory. From place to place, from city to city, you will see a mighty of My glory for I am going to bring to this place a new thing and it will be carried on My wings. Hallelujah. On My wings from city to city. Hallelujah.

And this will be a storehouse of wealth. Much wealth will come into this place, but it will not be for only a core few of people. But it will be a place of much – I just see a storehouse. He is showing me a storehouse of wealth. And wealth and the banking system will be set up for wealth. And a transfer of wealth will happen in this place to many other places. And I see it coming in and flowing in and flowing out like a running river, like a running river. Flowing in and flowing out. And His glory will be in this place. Hallelujah.

I have some instructions now. The next six months. Amen. The next six months the Lord wants this place to only speak about His glory, to only speak about His presence, and the things of His Word that would bring His presence and His glory to this place. If you hearken to the Lord and, this is what He is speaking to me, if you do what the Lord is showing me now, I see the wealth come in, I see expanding, I see the television and the other things happening. But I see, if you only for six months will speak about His glory – Hallelujah – His presence and, and – just basically His glory and His presence. And then miracles will come and everything else will come. But He says, every speaker that comes here, that’s what He wants for the next six months. Only speak about His glory and His presence. And then revival will hit this place like you’ve never seen in your life. How many are willing to say, “Yes, Lord.”?

And everything you study and everything you meditate, and pray. And many of ya’ll are going to be called into fasting and prayer for this same reason. For His glory is going to come. And for His presence to come there is going to be some fasting and some prayer and you will see when you fast and pray. And you (Patt Dawes) are going to be one of those who help organize the fasting and prayer. I see, God’s going to use you for that. For fasting and prayer, and others that are here. That is what I see the Lord instructing me to tell ya’ll. Hallelujah.

On the third, on the third month, is when there’s going to come into this place some people that are going to connect with you. And the people that connected with you is going to be to the third, toward the fourth month. The people that connect with ya’ll and with this church are, basically they are bankers. And they are going to bring a system to the church for the church to operate in banking. Because there is no reason for the body of Christ to be poor. There’s no reason for the body of Christ to be in lack. And it’s like, I see you know when Jesus had the fishes and the bread, He could have just kept the fishes and the bread and ate it with His disciples. But He decided to use the power of multiplication. Get to your feet…

The Lord has sworn and will not change His mind – it means He will not revoke, He will not change His mind – you are a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek. The order of Melchizedek means that you are going to be priests and kings in this place. Kings are going to arise up out of here, that means great businessmen, people in government, people of authority. The priests are going to rise up out of here.

2015 (Jan 30) Mahesh Chavda (over Steve & Debbie):
These two guys.  Amen!  Hallelujah!  Arenas of favor and ministry.  I bless your ministry now, in the name of Jesus.  And the Glory is coming to usher you out! To usher you out.  And in to new realms, in the name of Jesus.  To give you territory and part of it is enemy territory. The spheres of authority of the flag of Jehovah Sabaoth, Captain of our Armies.  You are leading the band and others will join, in Jesus’ name, to the call that you put out. Hallelujah!  In Jesus’ name you are going to do exploits.  Hallelujah!  You can set aside a little small season of fasting just to prepare you for this fresh enterprise and assignments for victory and for harvest.  In Jesus’ name.  Hallelujah!  Amen!