Joshua Mills, Rebecca King and Steve Mitchell

Joshua Mills is an internationally recognized ordained minister of the gospel, recording artist, keynote conference speaker, best-selling author and visionary who worships and preaches by standing within the cloud and ministering directly from the glory unto the people. Wherever he goes the Lord confirms His Word with miraculous signs and wonders that testify of Jesus Christ.
Traveling to more than sixty nations around the world, he has been creating a realm of glory wherever he goes, with a clear message that “praise changes the atmosphere.”

Joshua and his wife, Janet, have ministered to millions around the world through radio, television and online webcasts. They currently reside in London, Ontario, Canada along with their children; Lincoln, Liberty and Legacy.

God has taken Rebecca King to places and allowed her to witness things that are literally out of the realm of this world. As she obeyed His every command, He brought her into a place of True Intimacy as she submitted herself to Him completely. One of the first things required of her was total surrender of the old, so she could take on the new that He was offering her. Rebecca had been seeking God with diligence and was determined to come away from the experience with wholeness.

It is a fact that you must seek deliverance before you can be made whole. It has now become her life’s ambition to teach how to find deliverance and be made whole from her own experiences. It is then that you can have True Intimacy with the True God of Heaven. The teachings from her ministry will penetrate your very soul and bring you into a place of true surrender, so you can get over yourself and receive what God has for you. True Intimacy is what God wants with all of His children, but we must seek Him to find Him, and when we find Him, our lives will be changed!

Steve Mitchell is a much sought after worship leader and psalmist. His worship is honest, prayerful, heart-felt, and carries a relentless pursuit to make contact with God. He views every corporate worship setting as a window of opportunity for a divine encounter. He ministers at many conferences and churches throughout the country as a worship leader and psalmist.

Steve and his wife Maria live in New Jersey and have two sons, Sam and Jesse. He and Maria have been part of the leadership at MetroChurch for over 20 years where he teaches, leads worship, and oversees the intercession and music ministry.