Spirit of Life

Spirit of Life Apostolic Center is an independent Training and Revival Hub.
We are not a typical church; in fact we encourage those who come to get
plugged into their local church. Spirit of Life’s position is a hub, a
rendezvous, where Believers from many churches, tribes and streams can
meet, be refreshed, revived, and refilled to go back to their areas of ministry
and/or marketplace.

Apostle Ryan LeStrange defines revival hubs as:
“Characteristics of Revival Hubs
• They are marked by hunger! It is the hungry that will press in and
invite an outpouring in a region.
• They will dig wells that will not only bless the Hub but also the region
and beyond.
• They will face opposition as the well gets deeper and the
transforming presence of God grows in the Hub.
• They are Presence-driven. These Revival Hubs and those who lead
them place great emphasis and value upon the presence of their God.
• These Hubs are prayer-fueled. Prayer is KEY to birth and sustain
• They will release the sounds of Heaven. Revival Hubs are impacted by
revival worship. God is birthing new sounds for a new move. There is
no room for performance-driven worship in these Hubs. The worship
that is coming forth draws people deeper into encounter.
• They will be known for miracles and power! Revival Hubs are places
of supernatural power where bodies are healed, lives are changed, and
miracles are released.
• They will be places of fathering and equipping. The emerging move is
an apostolic- and prophetic-driven revival. The Hubs that God is raising
up birth and establish spiritual sons and daughters. As the move of God
continues, training is key to raise up a generation that releases the

Because we are to be a bridge between many streams, Spirit of Life is
aligned with Kingdom Mandate International and Glory of Zion.

We welcome the mantlings, giftings, anointings and callings of the earthly saints, the
angelic hosts and the cloud of witnesses as we come together in an alliance
to advance the Kingdom and focus on God’s Glory and Presence under the
banner of the Lord of Hosts.

Spirit of Life is a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry.

Spirit of Life relies on your support for the daily expenses of the ministry
and to bring in special speakers and musicians from around the world.
Because we encourage Believers to become a part of their local churches
and give their tithe and offerings into the ministry the Lord has called them
to, we ask that you would prayerfully consider becoming a part of our Aaron
& Hur Partnership. We commit to pray daily for our partners and to
conduct the Lord’s ministry with integrity and obedience. We ask that our
partners pray for us and support us financially as the Lord directs.